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New! PHANTOM Defensive Low-Profile System (DLS)

The PHANTOM DLS, with its integrated seatbelt cutter sets the standard for fixed blade tools in law enforcement for the 21st century. It’s made of surgical grade; laser sharpened steel, overlaid with a glass-infused polymer for protection and comfort. It’s ergonomic design makes establishing a master grip easy and fast.  The PHANTOM DLS, with its unique patented design, allows it to be worn on the duty belt in a low-profile manner, remaining hidden in plain view with its specific purpose concealed.The knife is contained in a patented belt keeper system that fits seamlessly into the officer’s duty gear. It’s unique ‘low-profile’ design hides the intent and character of the device. The PHANTOM DLS is easily accessible to an officer if their primary deadly force weapon, their pistol, becomes compromised, inaccessible or will not function. Officers can clear pistol malfunctions and fire their pistol while the PHANTOM DLS is still in hand. The PHANTOM DLS sets the standard for fixed blade knife carry for law enforcement in the 21st century. The PHANTOM DLS comes in 11 belt keeper options. It will become a standard part of an officer’s duty belt.

Warning: The PHANTOM DLS tool is not interchangeable with the 1st Generation DLS.