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Hey! Yeah I love it. I have it mounted up front between a key holder and cuff pouch and no one can even tell I have it on. I know most people I have shown it to are concerned because it's polymer but I have tried to explain its a push dagger tool for soft tissue.

I'm glad you offer it in nylon - light and hides well. I'm pleased with it and I feel it has been money well spent. Thanks!

I'm sorry for this late message but my girlfriend bought me a SpearPoint technologies DLS for Christmas and I just wanted to give you guys my first initial impression. I'm definitely loving how sleek & low profile it is. The retention is perfect without the retention clips and even more secure with the retention clips. A simple but amazing defensive product. I have it mounted on the overlap of my duty belt.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & God Bless. Stay safe

My wife just bought me your product for Christmas. I am so happy she got it for me, and I am surprised how  much I like it already! I was a little bit worried when I saw it and was worried it could possibly dig into your side during a shift, especially while in a vehicle for long periods of time, but it doesn't! This is my second shift wearing it, and it hasn't bothered me for even a second! I love having a very quick option on the weak side. Just like your videos show, there is absolutely no time to draw a backup weapon in those scenarios. This product is great, and I will be referring it to all the guys I work with! Thank you for everything, keep up the great work.

Deputy from Nebraska

I bought one a few months ago. I love it. It is not to bulky, and is lightweight. I have been in a foot chase and a few scuffles since I had it. It has always stayed in its sheath. My wife hates me spending money on stuff she does not understand. It was worth the nagging and the purchase.

Thanks for what you guys do and produce. I love mine. I wear it every day I'm on duty

I meant to send this message earlier but time got away from me - I just wanted to say thank you for the belt keeper and hand written Christmas/thank you note. You guys have great customer service and an awesome business going! Stay safe out there!