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Terms and Conditions

Important: Consumer Safety Warnings, Instructions, and Information 
SpearPoint Technologies LLC (Hereafter referred as SPT) 
By purchasing product(s) from (SPT), you agree you have read, understood and complied with the following:
You Must Be 18 years or older to order from (SPT)

SPT sells its products only to customers who can legally purchase and own such items in the jurisdiction where they reside. Your purchase of SPT products on the web, mail, fax, email or any other means legally binds you and your heirs, assigns, transferees, and personal representative as follows: 
1. Obey all applicable laws, regulations, and agency policy. Use of SPT products must be legally justified and comply with applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations. The decision to use an SPT product must follow applicable department policy.

2. You, as the consumer, will hold SPT harmless in the event that you violate any laws and that you also hold harmless SPT in the event of injury of any kind or death associated with any SPT products.

3. As no product is guaranteed to be 100% effective against defending an attack, SPT assumes no responsibility if any of its products are not effective in preventing bodily injury, or death.

SPT products are sharp and specifically designed to puncture / cut. If used improperly, negligently, or illegally all products can cause serious injury. When you purchase products from SPT you agree that the item will be carried and used for its intended purpose. By purchasing and / or possession of SPT products you assume all risks related to and / or arising from the products use and possession.

Usage & Safety 
Both the deliberate and accidental use of SPT products may result in death, risk of death or serious bodily harm. (Seek medical help/attention immediately) USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. (SPT’s products are not toys and should only be used/ possessed by adults) SPT products are specifically designed and intended to be used as a selfdefense force option. The decision to use any level of force must be reasonable, legally justifiable, and comply with federal, state, local laws and regulations.

Carrying: Always handle SPT products with due regard and caution. Always keep the knife in its sheath when carrying or storing. Do not run while carrying the knife in your hand and if dropped, let it fall do not attempt to catch it. Never throw, toss or slide this product to anyone and never use for prying.

Holstering: Use extreme caution when holstering any SPT product into its sheath. Ensure that all clothing and body parts are clear of the opening when inserting the knife into its sheath.

Retention: Do not rely on any SPT products retention system to justify activity which may dislodge the knife from its sheath. Always make sure any SPT product is firmly secured in its holster before engaging in any type of activity.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry environment. Do not store in any area with excessive heat such as a vehicle trunk. As with any inherently dangerous item store and/or keep out of the reach of children.

Alteration: Do not attempt to modify, sharpen or alter any SPT product. Any attempts to modify, sharpen or alter an SPT product can/will affect the integrity of the product and may result in unintended injury. These actions will also void any and all warranty statements.

Warranty Statement 
All SPT products come with a limited life time warranty and a legally justified use guarantee. If you believe any SPT product has any defect in materials or workmanship cease use immediately and contact SPT. If any product proves to be defective in materials or workmanship the product will be repaired or replaced and returned to the purchaser at no cost. Furthermore if an SPT product is legally used in a force encounter that product too will be repaired or replaced and returned to the purchaser at no cost.

*** Warranty statement DOES NOT include shipping cost. Do not attempt to modify, sharpen or alter any SPT product. (These actions will also void any and all Warranty statements)

I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions. I am at least 18 years old.